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Suite 1303 THE H - HOTEL

T:+971 (4) 332 1118
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About Our Agency
After we have undertaken the principle of sticking to the highest accuracy standards,
exerted our utmost eort to provide everything new and valuable for attaining the peak
according to deep-rooted foundations and lofty ethics; in fulllment of our principle, i.e., to
set secure and guaranteed investment within the hands of our dear customers, we have
made our way in the eld of investment and decorated it with the characteristics of our
uniqueness by achieving them and our pursuit of distinctness in all what we provide in such
a way that it can be a creative work which we change into an apparent reality as soon as possible.
This can be achieved through highly experienced calibers in the eld of investment as
well as absolute loyalty for all our customers, which is apparently embodied in providing
them with necessary advice without hesitation or bias.

Sublimity, progress and safety are meanings which are dicult to be achieved in only one
place and at the same time; however, after we have stuck to our principle which is based on
the fact that we work, search and develop our mastery of constructing the great edice
which can fulll all the requirements of local and international market in dierent investments
sectors whether real estates, economic or industrial.
Dar Al-Kawthar for Development and Investment was as a fertile soil which is a source of
giving for all who request from it and bestows welfare upon anyone who seeks it.

This edice was established in order to be the sky which gathers under it a group of successful
investments projects in most sectors which achieve a new concept for investment which
we called secure investment. This is the concept we have, for a long time, dreamt of and have
been able to make it come true; we have put within your hands our investments projects
which were studied and researched by highly experienced economic consultants and
consultant engineers in the eld of investment before being submitted to our dear audience.
In this way, we have achieved the highest protability rates in short periods of time as well as
secure and guaranteed investments.

In a short period of time, the eld of real estates investment has witnessed a remarkable rise
in the prices of lands and real estates of all types as well as investment in general in such a
way that includes all the world. It has achieved the highest revenues within limited periods
of time. Hence, Dar Al-Kawthar was keen on going through the same path by providing the
smartest investments opportunities for its customers in order to get them to take the utmost
benet and the most abundant welfare.

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