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Office 110, Mardoof Building, Sheikh Zayed Road
PO Box 71379, Dubai, UAE.
Phone: +971 4 3466252
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Property has always been seen as a good mid-to-long-term investment for two reasons, after all, what better investment is there than one which gives you a regular financial return and an increase in capital invested?

However your investment needs maximizing, either through obtaining premium rental income if you are looking for a tenant, or achieving maximum resale value if you are looking to cash in on your investment. Whether it is commercial or residential property, the same rule applies.

Property values in Dubai are high and substantial sums of money are involved. Consequently, the need for an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent is of primary importance. We can easily tell you we have all the qualifications you should expect, but in truth we would prefer to invite you to meet us so we can discuss your requirements face to face. We deal with people first and property second – the personal touch is what our reputation has been built on.

With Nadia Properties you can expect:

Access to a well-established data bank of wealthy investors and reliable tenants
An in-depth analysis of market trends which establish realistic financial values
A full breakdown of a proposed marketing strategy geared specifically to your property
Regular and comprehensive communication keeping you fully up to date
Highly experienced members of a very skilled team
Continuity of point of contact
If you’re still not sure Nadia Properties are right for you, come and meet us before you make up your mind.


The secret to a good investment is being in the right place at the right time. This applies particularly to property. However a good investment does not depend solely on a price paid and a good profit on resale. Where property is concerned, a good investment is one where maximum potential return is achieved not just at the end of ownership, but during the period of investment too.

At Nadia Properties we recognise the importance of knowledge. Effective and powerful knowledge does not rest solely on knowing about property, it rests on knowing people too. Successful investment advice comes from knowing past, present and expected future market trends. It also comes from both knowing and understanding the needs of investors and tenants in both commercial and residential sectors of the property market.

Powerful information comes only from knowing the right people and having the right contacts. At Nadia Properties we have spent over ten years establishing a reliable and trustworthy network of contacts who enable us to keep one step ahead of the market for our investment clients.

With Nadia Properties, as an investor you can expect:

Access to a wide range of property, including off plan, before appearing on the open market
Introduction to investments ranging from individual units to complete buildings
Constant communication to allow us to keep up to speed with your requirements
Regular property market updates enabling you to evaluate the status of your investments
Introduction to quality tenants with impeccable references
Professional advice for both residential and commercial investing
Expert knowledge for both local and overseas investors
Continuity of point of contact
If you’re unsure whether or not Nadia Properties can satisfy your investment needs, come and meet us before you make up your mind. We are a people firm and making good contacts is the key to successful investing.


Buying a home for yourself
Property in Dubai is usually sold to two types of buyers. Investors who are happy to let out their property to tenants, and owner occupiers who want the property for their own personal use. This applies equally to both commercial as well as residential property. At Nadia Properties we have an extensive database of both commercial and residential property in a price range to suit every budget. Whether you are looking to buy a small apartment for business stopovers, getting a foot in the property ladder or as a vacation home, there is plenty to choose from, both existing and planned.

If you are new to Dubai we are more than happy to guide you through areas and locations we consider appropriate for the nature of your purchase. We understand the benefits of a prime retail location as much as we do the peacefulness of a residential haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. We know how to listen and then advise on how we can help you, rather than the other way round.

At Nadia Properties we have an exceptional range of top quality commercial and residential properties on our books, but we also have something else we are proud to offer. Knowledge. We not only have an expert knowledge on all the properties we have for sale in Dubai, but we know about every other property that is for sale too. Add to that our extensive network of contacts and we can even find out when properties that are not currently for sale will be coming on to the market. The property market in Dubai is constantly moving, and having up-to-date information is essential if you are going to make a successful purchase.

At Nadia Properties you can expect:

Regular communication regarding property which may be of interest to you
Personal attention whether you are locally based or coming in from abroad
Notification of off-plan future developments
Guidance through all the legalities involved in buying a property in Dubai
Regular updates throughout the purchase of a property
Continuity of point of contact
If you are just beginning your search for a property in Dubai, make sure you come in and see us. If a property is for sale, and sometimes even when it is not, we can acquire it for you if it is not already on our books.


Wanting to Rent
With the volume of investment in property in Dubai, there is always a strong demand for good tenants. However if you do not know Dubai very well, how do you know what is a good property to rent, whether it is commercial or residential? Do you understand how the city is changing, how areas change in popularity or where new development is going to take place? Do you know who are reputable landlords and which should be given a wide berth?

Knowledge is everything, closely followed by experience, and at Nadia Properties we have been acquiring both in abundance over the last ten years. Today we have two hugely successful letting departments, one dealing solely in commercial property, and the other in residential. They are totally different markets, but not all the clients are different. However, as a prospective tenant, we have an invaluable asset that will ensure you end up renting the perfect premises.

We know most of the landlords, and we ensure we foster great relations with the good ones. Our reputation rests on providing good landlords and investors with reliable and trustworthy tenants, so it is important that everyone gets what they want.

At Nadia Properties and as a tenant:

We can get you access to a wide variety of property to rent, both commercial and residential
We can source property which is not openly available
We can keep you advised on properties in specific locations only
We can make recommendations to existing landlords and investors looking for tenants
We can guide you through all the requirements necessary for renting property in Dubai
Whether local or from overseas, we will keep in regular contact with you
You will always have a regular point of contact.
If you are unsure about renting any type of property in Dubai, why not call into our office for an informal discussion. We will be more than happy to help you in any way we can.
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